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Maths Labs
For purpose fo clear understanding of Mathematical concepts, our school has established a Maths Lab which is well equipped with models, charts, over head projector, graphs etc. No doubt, it has encouraged the students for participating in the National Mathematics Olympiad contest etc. As Such, they have achieved good positions at various level.




Science Labs
We have all types of equipments required for conducting the experiments in Biology, Physics and Chemistry. We also provide suitable opportunities to students for developing  thier interest in science. It is a fact that performing experiments by one's own hands is very improtant because it involves " Learning by doing".




Computer Labs
We have well equiped computer lab with internet facility. Computers are also being used to provide additional support to students for various subject.




Our library has a good collection fo reference books, encyclopedia, periodicals an journals Books are also being continiuosly added to cater to the nedd of students.

Sports / Games
Studnets are provided ample opportunities to participate in various sports/ games activities at School, Zonal and State level as a result of which they achieved good positions in race and marching competitions held at Zonal Level.

Cultural Activities
Ample opportunities are provided to students to develop their inherent talent in Drawing, Music, Drama etc particularly with the object of enabling them to participate in these activities at School, Zonal and State Level. Its ultimate result is that our school students achieved good positions in various cultural competitions held at Zonal Level there by making a record in this respect.



Moral Education
We believe that Vedic moral values are basis to shape students in to good human beings who respects all religion, disciplined and emotionally blanced persons.