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                                SCHOOL FEE SCHEDULE

Fee Including Other Charges Due Date to deposit Fee

Quarter 1 :-    April to June  

Quarter 2 :-   July to September

Quarter 3 :-    October to December

Quarter 4 :-   January to March

 Ist April to 10th April

 Ist July to 10th July

 Ist Oct to 10th Oct

 Ist Jan to 10th Jan

1. If Fee is not paid by due date a late fine of Rs.10/- will be charged.

2.If the School fee is not paid by the end of the Quarter, the name of the child will be Struck Off from the school roll without any further information/notice subject to the discretion of Head of the school Re-Admisdsion fee will be applicable if re-admission is granted by head of the school.