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Aim of Arya Samaj
Arya Samaj is a world - wide organization. It was founded by Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati on April 7, 1875 in Mumbai and its basic tenets were ascertained. The main object of this organization is the well being of the whole universe. It aims at making people strong physically, awaking them spiritually and raising them socially. Arya Samaj has laid its doctrines on the firm basics of the Vedas and other spiritual literature created by the ancient saints and seers. The chief aim of Arya, Samaj is "Make the Whole World Noble".

Arya Samaj believes that caste system, untouchablity, marriage at early age, custom of sati, supersitions and disparity based on sex is and inhuman act. The credit of Women's right to education, especially "Study of the Vedas" goes to Arya Samaj.

Innumerable institutions established by Arya Samaj are doing their best in the fields of education, social service and spiritual development in various parts of The World and are providing a new hope and direction to humanity.

Arya Model School Profile

In order to impart an excellent education and also to give a push to education movement, Arya Model School was established in 1983 and obtained reconigation from Directorate of Education of Delhi in 1998. The main moto of the school is to train boys and girls to make their mark in life, to come up at the top in all woalks of life and also to make them good citizens of our great country. Since outset, this school has been making efforts for all round development of  the students, ensuring excellence in academic, games & sports, cultural activites with a special stress on value education under the enlightened.

School Uniform
SUMMER UNIFORM : ( April to October)

1. Shirt   - White
For Boys :

  • Knicker  Maroon ( I, II )
  • Pant ( III to VIII)
  • White Socks with 3 Maroon Stripes.
  • White Uniform Every Thursday.

For Girls

  • Tunic Maroon ( I, II )
  • Divider  Maroon  ( III to VIII)
  • White Socks with 3 Maroon Stripes.
  • White Uniform Every Thursday.

WINTER UNIFORM : (November to March)
1. Shirt   - White

For Boys :

  • Pant ( I to VIII) Woollen Steel Grey
  • Blazer / Pullover ( V Neck Plain Maroon)
  • Woollen Steel Grey Socks with 3 Strips of Maroon Color.

For Girls

  • Tunic Woollen Steel Grey ( I to II)
  • Divider  Woollen Steel Grey ( III to VIII)
  • Blazer / Pullover ( V Neck Plain Maroon)
  • Woolen Steel Grey Socks with 3 Strips of Maroon Color.

Note :

  1. White Hair Band or White Ruffle for Girls.
  2. Black Shoes Daily.

General Instructions :-

  1. On all school days, the students are required to wear the prescribed uniform. They will come to the school neat and tidy, else they will be sent back and are liable to disciplinary action.
  2. Students are not allowed to go out of the school during schools hours. In case of emergency, the children could be escorted home by the guardian with the written premission of the Headmistress.
  3. Students are advised not to bring valuable like expensive Watches, Fountain Pens, Cameras etc. In the school. The girl students are not allowed to use fancy hair clips, any make - up, grow long nails or nails polish. The students are not allowed to wear gold chains or gold/ diamond rings. The school is not responisble for such goods lost in the school.
  4. Books, Pencils Box, Bag, Lunch Box etc. must bear the name and the class of the student.
  5. The parents are requested not to send thier ward to school if they are suffering from any infections diesease like small pox, measles etc. They can rejoin the school after submitting the Medical & Fitness Certificate.
  6. Parents are responsible for their children's good behaviour, conduct and action in the school or on tours, trips and outings.